Our Banana Cake Speaks Out

I lead a very interesting life. Sitting perched on the counter, I get a good view of everyone who enters the shop, and can make a fairly accurate judgment about them. Broadly, I can categorize our customers into 3 groups.

  1. First off,  you have the Morning Birds. They order the same thing each morning and don’t experiment too much. Needless to say, I’m on their list.  Now, I don’t mean to brag, but their day doesn’t start without me. Such people remain immersed in their work, and rarely look up from their phones and give me the attention I deserve. Hmph
  2. Then there are the Lunch goers.  Now, these customers always come in groups and after a quick bite head straight back to work. I’ve noticed that they always show some hesitation before calling for my services. I don’t why they’re so scared of having a cake for lunch; they are the ones who bite, not me.
  3. Now this final group I love the most. They start to trickle in by the evening, and spend quality time with me. They usually enter tired and hungry, but always leave refreshed and smiling. It’s your guess who causes this mood swing. This group celebrates my existence with every spoon. Most evenings it gets so hectic, that I’m not even able to grace all the customers with my presence!

Well as you can see, my job isn’t a piece of cake. Do drop by sometime, and we can get to know each other over a cup of chai.


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