Chai and the digital high

I am on a digital high all the time. One second I am looking at my face book account and zap I am off to In between I am toggling my Whatsapp. And WeChat too – wow! Boom – I am on a call from a colleague on a new deal that is crucial for us. Finish the call and then look at my pad and revisit my emails.

Ad infinitum – Dee-dah, till I feel the energy drain a bit and I saw to myself “Got to hit the gym soon”.

Is there an escape to this? Yes but only first if I realize that I do need to escape.

Do I need to escape? Of course, for I need to live. Not just for the moment – aware now and more tomorrow and then day after.

I am no yogi. Sometime I will find my balance and be in control. More often I will be on a digital high – driven by constant pings. Zing, Zing and Zing!

I realize that I have walked over and I am already there. I flick my mobile wallet at the counter and soon get my cup of Chai. A smile and a tilt of head to thank the Chai master – who knows me all too well. I am myself now. Thinking calmly and focusing on the tasks at hand. Refitting my day and plan with just a trace of a smile.
I need to come to our nearest Chai Point store more. Retool myself at a simple and smart place that knows I am a digital animal but all too human. I need to talk to myself and listen too.

Time of the day matters – morning its Dum Chai and evenings these days? It’s a new blend that I am relishing deeply – an orthodox and black tea blend from upper Assam – so crisp. Not there at Chai Point yet but coming soon – perks of working at Chai Point.

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