2018: Year of Tea

2018: Year of Tea

Let your new year brim over with positivi(tea)… Here are some hot trends to dip into!

This year, tea is all set to win the popularity race over coffee, declares BBC. What’s more, the regular heavily spiced beverages will take a backseat, giving way to more floral notes, predicts Whole Foods. Botanical flavours such as rose and lavender will now fill the cups of more and more health-conscious drinkers.

Year of Tea

Blossoming Botanicals

Lacing food and beverages with plant-based flavours is the new ‘it’ thing this season. Strong aromatic flavours such as lavender, coriander, chamomile, rosemary, bergamot, elderflower, hibiscus, rose and violet are touted to be the aromas to hit the highs.

Old favourites such as ginger, basil and cardamom will continue to bring in that spicy kick to various tea blends, but yield space to the botanicals.

2018: Year of Tea

Soothing Blends

It’s all about seeking healing, health and wellness in one’s cup of chai. Packed with antioxidants, along with the gentle health-giving properties and energising aroma of flowers, leaves, and herbs, your tea this year is more than just your cup of hot beverage. Neither is it just about physical health and taste. This year, it’s also about revelling in the calming power of the beverage, creating an aura of meditation and rejuvenation for the mind and body.

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The tea transformation has begun!

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  • Madams and Sirs @chaipoint, I really like your concept and the chai is delicious too. I would really look forward to see Irani Tea like that in Hyderabad. I miss it since I moved to Delhi. I am sure it will be a hit.

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