BYOC- Bring Your Own Cup!

BYOC- Bring Your Own Cup!

Hey there, Chai reader!

Chai Point has always stood for the clean earth initiative. We visualize the world to be greener and our future to be much more sustainable. Our initiatives have always been in small steps to quit the use of plastic and reduce the consumption of paper as much as possible.

This time, we want you to be a part of our next initiative for a cleaner future. Whenever you visit our store, for a chai-time with your loved ones, get your own clean cup. The idea behind it is that we want to use as fewer paper cups as possible.

Just follow the steps to do your part for BYOC:

Step:1: Walk-in to our store with your favourite clean mug or cup or sipper or glass.

Step:2: Hand it over to our store-partner and place your order.

Step:3: Our store-partner will fill your order.

Step:4: Enjoy your favourite chai and do your part for a cleaner environment.

Step:5: Support the campaign of BYOC and help keep the earth clean.

Each time, we fill your cup, we reward you as a token of appreciation and support. So, come, visit us with your cup and stand for a clean earth and a greener future! Support #BYOC

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