Tea for Yoga – World Yoga Day 2019

Tea for Yoga – World Yoga Day 2019

Since time immemorial, Yoga has been known to recuperate and rejuvenate both mind and body. Similarly, the practice of drinking tea can be traced back several eras in history and has been known to reinvigorate the system from within. White, Oolong, Green and Black Teas contain tannin and caffeine that are known to reduce inflammation. They also improve metabolism, boost the immune system and provide a rich source of antioxidants. This International Yoga Day, let’s learn how drinking tea can be an excellent supplement to your Yoga practice.

When practicing Yoga outdoors on a hot, summer day, imbibe some Mint Tea as it activates the cold-sensitive receptors of the body’s cells to create a mild cooling sensation.

Fine Black Tea or Oolong Tea is the ideal pick-me-up, before you enter class for a stimulating Yoga session. Tea without milk or sugar keeps your vitality up, as you move smoothly from one asana onto the next. Oolong Tea has been observed to be a great facilitator for weight reduction, while a few practices propose that some blends with Oolong Tea can help lessen the danger of coronary illness and relieve elevated cholesterol.

Do you have a beverage preference post practice? Perhaps an electrolyte cooler or a protein shake? Well, it’s no secret that Tea is an extraordinary beverage to consume after, and its benefits far outweigh a shake/electrolyte. Some Yoga studios even serve spiced Yogi Teas after a class.

The low oxidation of tea gives a gradual release of caffeine that ensures you transit smoothly between your remedial Yoga practice into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

After a night Yoga session, a cup of Chamomile Tea with its uplifting botanical fragrance will help loosen up your strained nerves. Chamomile blossoms are known to soothe muscle fits and contain temperament-boosting properties known to intensify your psychological high when consumed in the form of tea. This makes it an ideal beverage to be delighted in before sleep time.

More often than not, practice after a long break can result in firmness and soreness of muscles. Drinking Green Tea is the ideal antidote to address those throbbing pains. Additionally, polyphenols in Green Tea are known to boost cognitive function, making it the go-to blend for effective post-Yoga meditation sessions.

For your next Yoga regimen, conjure up your own chart to indulge in Tea drinking to supplement your sessions, whilst allowing your practice to take your health and wellness up several notches!

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Drink Chai and Yoga on!

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