Going the Caffeine-Free Route

Going the Caffeine-Free Route

Most of us actively seek a dose of caffeine to kick start our day or boost depleting energy levels don’t we? Although coffee is the preferred choice of weapon for the caffeine enthusiast, tea also goes some way in boosting caffeine levels in the system. But how do the non-tea drinkers get their fix to navigate through a busy day?

Well, being such an interesting conundrum, we thought we’d get some thoughts about non-tea/coffee people. To add an interesting twist, we thought we’d speak to some of our own employees who weren’t tea or coffee drinkers, and we asked them to write down what they felt about their non-tea/coffee habits and what they do at their workplace to get their day going!

Aseem Sidhu, Regional Manager – boxC, Mumbai had a few candid things to tell us and here is an excerpt of his thoughts and preferences.

“What would the world be without caffeine? Well, for starters, maybe more inclined to drinking something else! Although the craving for a caffeine kick almost seems like a basic human need, there certainly seems to be life beyond it. After having lived through years of refusing coffee and tea only to sit in a corner with glass of hot water, I was the usual outcast among my Chai break gang.

Having had enough frowns come my way, one day I stumbled upon malts and I was hooked! Being an ardent milk lover, I have always enjoyed milk and milk products in different flavours. With Chai Point’s boxC, I was spoilt for choice, having options of Chocolate Malt, Badam Turmeric, Horlicks and my childhood favourite, Boost. What made it even better is that they come in easy-to-use single serve sachets! Empty into a cup, press the milk option and voila! My beverage was ready. No dirty spoons in the jar of the malt, no solidifying of the powder in the rains, just easy-to-use, easy-to-make beverages.

In time and with age, I got introduced to green teas, and I have to admit being initially very sceptical. Although these have the least caffeine amongst all known teas, I remember my first time drinking green tea and not being able to even lift the cup for a second sip. Somewhere around the time, a friend introduced me to flavoured green teas. In a moment of utter confusion in my head, I reluctantly chose the Jasmine flavour and boy, was I surprised how much I took to it!

Jasmine Green Tea has been my favourite go-to beverage since, for all times and moods, happy or sad. Slowly, I came to develop a palate for green tea and have since moved over to savouring lemon green tea and plain green tea with honey from boxC.  I have been a loyal ever since and I’d wholeheartedly recommend everyone to go green!”

Well, that’s the latest on what’s happening in the world of non-tea/coffee drinkers and if you are one, remember that with boxC, there’s something for you too!

To know what else you can brew with boxC, log in to www.boxC.in

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