boxC: A Thank You Message From Us, Vol 2

boxC: A Thank You Message From Us, Vol 2

We’re a few years into our journey of brightening lives and bringing people together over a perfect cup, and it’s been a real journey of change, learning, adapting and growing. From our first store in 2010, to being able to reach you, our Chai Point family through every convenient channel possible, it has been one big leap.

One of the significant pillars of this substantial leap, has been our commitment to our ever-growing population of motivated, working people like you, who look to a quick sip of Chai/Coffee to get  through the grind of work while helping give an extra boost while taking a Chai/Coffee break.

That’s how roadmap for boxC began. With the sole intent to help you get your cup of inspiration, energy and motivation at your workspace. We’ve seen many ups and downs on our way, but the intent has always been to reinvent the ritual of a workplace Chai/Coffee.

We’ve had some really nice things said to us by some of you along the way, and it has driven us on beyond our small setbacks and several learnings to enable us to strive to push the bar, every single time.

This is our testimonial to you, the lovely people who put a smile on our face while we try and do the same everywhere we can.

Here’s a heartfelt thank you from Chai Point going out to the lovely people from Evosys. These pictures and messages make us very happy.

“Had the best tea away from home” – Rushi 
“Dispenser is good and user-friendly, taste is perfect and customer service is good” – Ashish Agarwal
“Easy to use machine, great Filter Coffee” – Niyati Shah 

A big shout out from us to the lovely people at Evosys for taking out some time to send us these pictures and warm messages. We’ll be back with more new things for you!

To know what’s brewing new with boxC, log in to

Until next time, keep calm and Chai on!

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