Snacking Right – Methi Khakra

With a growing awareness around health and nutrition coming to the fore, eating habits are constantly evolving as the general public’s eye becomes more focused on consuming foods that are wholesome while bunking the junk.

Take snacking for example. From fried chips and chicken to biscuits and sugary treats, a lot of folk seem to be moving away from these indulgences while adopting more “health-friendly” snacking practices such as consuming granola, oatmeal, dry fruits and other whole foods.

While most big companies have retained their model, and have taken a stance on not changing their product portfolio much sighting disruption of their current consumer base, some are constantly evolving with the idiosyncrasies of their consumers.

One look at the shopping aisle in a supermarket and you’ll see what we’re talking about. From protein bars to muesli, from baked chips to trail mixes, the health section is slowly taking off and burgeoning with options.

At Chai Point, we understand the ever-changing landscape of food preferences while being ever-so-mindful of the nutritional value and health implications of every product we put out to our doting consumers.

Keeping that in mind, while incorporating healthy indigenous snacking practices from across the country, we’re happy to bring you our next entree into the healthy eating segment – the Methi Khakra.

Crisp and light, our Methi Khakra is loaded with oodles of crunch and packed with a considerable amount of munch. Baked and not fried, it’s also trans-fat and cholesterol free, so you can enjoy it without the slightest guilt or fear of piling on the pounds.

So if you’re looking for that in-between meal, hunger pang buster, while still wanting to retain your appetite for the big one, you know what to get!

Try our Methi Khakra today, @

Or order online on Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats.

Stock up, lock up and snack up!

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