Introducing: The Bun Range

Introducing: The Bun Range

“Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns”, goes the well know nursery rhyme. Throughout history, the bun has been synonymous with people from all walks of life as a quick, cost efficient solution to satisfy sudden hunger pangs.

The relationship between the bun and Chai, needs no introduction, for it is a combination that is so loved throughout the country! Bun-Chai is not just a quick refreshment fix, but indeed a very deep rooted sentiment. From college students to office goers, the bun-Chai ritual is what makes the day for it’s loyal fans!

Taking a leaf out of the nostalgia page, we’re extremely enthusiastic to be bringing you – “The Bun Range”, Chai’s newest best friends on the block!

So without further ado, let’s get you introduced to the newest lip-smackers on the block!

The Bun Range: 

  • Bun Omelette – The mother of the bun ship! Our fresh bun omelette is a juicy omelette comprising of onions, green chillies and coriander straight from the pan, stacked in a freshly baked bun. Morning or evening, our Bun Omelette goes great with your favourite Chai!
  • Bun Bhujiya – This beloved street-inspired snack is a soft, fresh bun stuffed with chaTpaTa bhujiya and flavoured with salted butter. If you’re looking for a quick evening snack with your Chai, it doesn’t get much better than our Bun Bhujiya!
  • Bun Samosa – Rumor has it that the Bun Samosa is a distant, Indian cousin of the burger! Our Bun Samosa is a soft, fresh bun stuffed with our signature samosa topped with spicy, sriracha sauce. It’s our desi twist on a globally mass consumed eat!
  • Bun Jam – A bakery classic is now available in Chai Point’s own style and signature! Our Bun Jam is a rendition of the timeless bun jam with the balanced goodness of butter.

Now add a whole new dimension to your Chai ritual by taking a bite of this range for different times throughout the day! You can now customise your Chai time with your own bun-Chai ritual. Try one! Try them all! Walk over to your nearest Chai Point store or order online on Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats!

Order online at

Discover the Bun-Chai sentiment for yourself while you keep calm and Chai on!

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