The Leaf, Bean, Fresh Food, Hygiene Program (LFB2H) – with J. Balasubramaniam, GM – Mountain Trail Academy

The Leaf, Bean, Fresh Food, Hygiene Program (LFB2H) – with J. Balasubramaniam, GM – Mountain Trail Academy

At Chai Point, we believe in a dynamic, satisfying customer journey, right from the start when you share your profile with us. To create an exemplary experience, especially at store level, we are of the belief that food & beverage taste, quality and hygiene is something everyone tends to carry back with them and reminisce, much after a purchase and therefore should be top notch.

The gatekeepers of these three chief parameters are our staff, and one of our key pillars as a brand is meticulous detail and efficient programmes in training our store partners. To empower our store partners to serve you without apprehensiveness and to shift customer focus to a partner’s expertise, Chai Point recently launched the LBF2H program.

We’re in conversation with J. Balasubramaniam, GM – Mountain Trail Academy, which is our special training wing and we cover the what, why and how of the LBF2H program. Keep reading …

  • What does LBF2H stand for? How did the idea for LBF2H come about to be?

Bala:  Oh it’s really simple – Leaf, Bean, Fresh Food & Hygiene. The LBF2H program has been named to incorporate our core competencies and store partner ethos, and their application in our customer experience journey.

The framework for LBF2H came from a primary understanding that we needed a clear-cut playbook that could measure a store partner’s competency level which in-turn would help us measure and understand the impact on customer experience at Chai Point stores.

  • What is the objective of the LBF2H programme?

Bala: Every QSR believes in the ideology of having ‘aces in places’ i.e. the right man for the right job. The LBF2H program trickles down from that ideology, while also helping us to set a clear-cut career path for the future for our store partners.

It also serves a training need identification process, and that helps us understand our store partners’ strengths and weaknesses while also helping identify where they could be up-skilled. Career progression for partners hinges a great deal on their LBF2H competency.

In addition, we have a WOW Champ certification for store partners that excel in customer facing functionalities such as warmth, greeting, menu familiarity, empathy, customer understanding and the ability to suggestive sell.

  • Can you briefly touch upon how LBF2H is looking to impact:
  • Chai Point
  • Store Partners
  • Customer Experience

Bala: From the Chai Point perspective, the LBF2H programme is a solid spring board to build a great talent pool with the added nous of creating specialists that in time will develop the acumen to set up processes and handle businesses on their own. This helps in establishing differentiation among the competition while identifying and nurturing leadership.

From the store partner perspective, the LBF2H program is a clear roadmap for career progression. A fast-track career growth based on excellence and efficiency while being the employer of choice by identifying and nurturing leaders and proactivity is what’s on opportunity for each of our partners.

From the customer experience perspective, the feeling of having being serviced by a certified partner creates trust that the systems in place account for their well-being while also creating goodwill for the brand that comes from such meticulous structures. Reassurance is key in creating an aspirational customer experience.

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