Warming Up 2020

Warming Up 2020

The first days of the new year are usually fresh and brimming with fresh starts and health resolutions, perfect for setting up a cleanse routine with Chai. The weather is still chilly and a hot cup of tea can warm up your resolve and your body.

Here are some things that you can do with Chai that will help set a calm and composed rhythm for the day and year ahead.

Brewing Over Bagging

Give the tea bags a rest. Steep some loose leaf tea and focus your energies on creating a perfect cup while you heat the water, measure out the tea leaves, pour the boiling water and wait as you rejuvenate over the soothing calm of making Chai. There are few experiences as rewarding as making your own cup of Chai.

Pick up some of our Loose Leaf Teas – picked from the finest gardens for simply the best Chai experience you can brew.

Get Giftea

Share the goodness and aura of the therapeutic touch of tea for those special celebrations instead of the conventional chocolate, wine and flowers route. There’s something so rewarding about introducing the tea ritual to your close ones and seeing them making it part of their routine. Know more about gifting with Chai Point here: http://blog.chaipoint.com/blog/2019/03/14/the-subtle-art-of-gifting-chai/

Introduce Yourself To New Chais

Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal – try something new.  Be curious about samples and order something new whenever you get a chance. Tea isn’t just a great-tasting beverage but loaded with benefits for you – antioxidants, stress-relievers, catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids, stroke-reducing properties, cardio-vascular properties, even fluoride.

If it’s freshness that you’re looking forward to  in 2020, there’s not many better to get you there than a cup of Chai! So cup, cup and away.


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