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Chai Point is all about fun-filled passion @ Work

As you walk up to the 3rd floor you will find all the heads zooming into the pantry to grab their day’s first refreshing sip of the energiser before they enter into the buzzing morning session. While you try to hold on to a seat & settle amongst the gathering, an affirming voice greets you, “Goodmorning Team, so what’s brewing today?”, and an unanimous answer reverberates across the ceiling…….”CHAI”, with a wide smile on every gleaming face.

Welcome to the Sports Team of Chai Point. A bunch of crazy chai lovers who drinks, sleeps & dreams Chai. The passion for the leaves has been so intoxicating that it has got into their blood and turned the nerdy IT rat-race chasers into delight mongers of the country’s most consumed beverage. CHAI. Amuleek Singh Bijral, the CEO & Founder of Chai Point, along with his fellow good (wo)men believes that a cup of freshly brewed Chai can actually trigger efficiency amongst the working Indians as a strong fuel. As passionate chai lovers he & his team works tirelessly to inculcate an honest work culture with most authentic & hygienic chai.

Team Chai Point is always abuzz ensuring all the 3 verticals of it’s business, Chai@Work | Chai-On-Call | Retail, operates uninterruptedly. Culture is what you follow, and hence, there is no glass door inbetween CXO-s, mid-level management and operation team. The free flow of ideas keeps the place enormously positive & productive. Also the cult of being accredited as a “Partner”, instead of an executive, instils a sense of ownership across every level in the team. Although Chai Point has outgrown the toddler stage of being called just a start-up, since 2010, yet still the work culture stays as fresh & young at heart, as it started.

Chai Partners is-to Chai Point as Commando seal is-to Indian Army. Chai Point’s inhouse operation team is a vigilant lot, who believes in their own rule of customer delight. They operates across the 98+ retail stores and 55+ corporate offices across India everyday taking care of the other Three business engines of the company to flow smooth & steady. The leafy affair has been so close to heart of this Sports team that they truly, madly, deeply believes in running for chai every single day with more passion and vigour to fortify that behind every successful smile of a working Indian is only a cup of Good Chai. Cheers!

Eco-friendly : A motto

This Sunday evening I had a few friends over for Chai. Questions about Chai Point were inevitable but the discussion also meandered to traffic woes and overall quality of living in the cities.  I was lucky to be hosting an especially smart and alive group. Soon the question on the table was the right avenue for doing something for our cities.

Now we spend about 40% of our working week at work (including traveling). Add sleep and getting -ready time and that leads to about 65% of the time in a normal week. If we have to make impact on our surroundings then having it integrated with our work is just so crucial – where else is the time.

While the discussion was on, I realized that we need to double down our “Clean Earth” initiative. As a consumer company we do take a toll on the environment. But technology and innovation – one of our core operating principles – today can lead us to neutralize our foot print. We have to be always alive on this front.

As a company, we were amongst the first ones to roll-out bagasse (from sugar cane fibers) based use- and-throw plates. An even simpler initiative had been identified by our team earlier this year – rolling out simple mechanical inserts across all the taps in our stores that will help reduce water consumption by 30%. Time to get this rolled out at the earliest.

Chai with friends had pushed me forward. Here is to wishing that we are able to drive change through our daily work lives.