Around 2000 years ago, a Buddhist monk decided to spend 7 sleepless years contemplating the life and teachings of Buddha. In the 5th year of his penance, he almost fell asleep and took some leaves from a nearby bush and started chewing on them. The leaves revived and revitalised him. It was these leaves that helped him get through the 7 years without any sleep. These were of course, the leaves of the tea plant.

A cup of chai means different things to different people. Some drink chai to start their day, some drink to get through it, and there are some for whom chai is a ‘pick-me-up’. Whatever the reason maybe, chai is a daily necessity. It’s more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life.

We understand that it isn’t possible to enjoy tea in the leisurely way it was centuries ago. The people of that time didn’t have board meetings to rush to, deadlines to meet, mails to send out and lines to code. Time is a precious commodity, but that doesn’t mean we need to forgo the simple pleasures of a good cup of tea.

That’s our aim at Chai Point. To make your chai experience expedient yet satisfying. Because we do understand that World runs on Chai.


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