Fuelling Million Conversations!

Yes, it’s happened, the millionth flask of piping hot chai got delivered out of the Delhi outlet…
Fuelling million conversations!
In a country that runs on chai, tea has never been ‘just a brew’ – the cornerstone of our philosophy at Chai Point. From providing your favourite beverage – just as you like it – in our outlets, we went on to delivering your flask of chai, piping hot and perfect to taste, at your doorstep or desk.

Recently, we reached a milestone… The flask delivered out of our Delhi Connaught Place outlet hit the 10 lakh mark! A million cups of tea delivered to doorsteps and desks.

Says CEO Amuleek Singh Bijral, who personally presented the millionth flask, “The heat retaining disposable flask makes all the difference! A seemingly simple innovation, it connected us online with scores of channel partners and million plus customers. We have lakhs of customers who engage with our brand and its products online.

‘Our partnerships with Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Food Panda grew manifold. API connects became common lingo in our company and Shark – our AWS platform – became an even bigger star. No wonder that the concept got copied, not only across India but also in the Middle-East – a huge compliment to our innovation! A billion deliveries will happen in time – all possible in a country which after all runs on Chai!’

Check out the historic moment here!

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