A Time to Give Back

On the occasion of International Tea Day, we decided to do our bit to bring back some of the glory of times gone by when Bangalore was celebrated as the Garden City… Read on to know more

Chai Point StaffGo Green

At 10 am yesterday morning, a large gathering of Chai Point partners met outside the Jyoti Nivas College Chai Point outlet for a symbolic tree-planting event. A concrete enclosure had been built around the big tree that stood near the outlet, and filled with soil – that’s where the saplings were planted, amidst much bonhomie and cheering!

Instructing the teamThe event was a part of the ‘Carpe Tree’em’ campaign which is integral to the company’s Clean Earth drive that seeks to help make the city greener. Said Assistant HR Manager, Anurina Mukerjee, who introduced the idea, “Such initiatives make a difference; it’s a small way to give back to the environment. We are planning many more such activities in the future.”

IMG_8394Koramangala Corporator M. Chandrappa

Koramangala Corporator M. Chandrappa and CEO Amuleek Singh Bijral were the first ones to plant their saplings after which the staff followed and put down their bit of green into the earth.

“Chai Point follows a Clean Earth practice and gives back to the community, not just today but every day. Caring for our community and giving back is a small way to show our gratitude,” says Diksha Pande, VP Customer Experience and People Excellence at Chai Point.

With greenery taking a backseat and pollution rising to an all-time high, the company is dedicated to try and help make the city a greener and cleaner place to live in. Mr. Chandrappa lauded the efforts of Chai Point and said, “Few companies take on initiatives like this to protect the environment. Keep it up Chai Point!”

Keep it Clean

IMG_8668IMG_8698Chai Point also organised a clean-up drive where the staff cleaned both sides of the road starting from the Black Pearl restaurant to the Chai Point outlet, a space littered with garbage and plastic wastes. Everyone got down to ‘operation clean’ with masks and gloves leaving the stretch spick and span in minutes.

“We’re excited to keep our Clean Earth practices going. With participation from the team and a little commitment from our side, at Chai Point we are looking to make a tangible difference to our environment,” says Amuleek.

Indeed, at Chai Point CSR activities are taken seriously. To know more about our Clean Earth initiative, click here

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