A day in the life of a Chai drinker

The working professionals’ edition.


Passion is defined in the dictionary as: “strong and barely controllable emotion” Yes – We, as Indians have a passion for Chai.


The anticipation of chai itself has the power to enhance someone’s day.


A cup of Chai can play different roles in people’s lives. Whether it is someone’s wake up call, their ‘pick me up’ or just a habit, chai is an integral part of our day.  The ritual of drinking chai in India is fundamental to the rhythm of our lives.


It’s 6am, dawn is creeping through your curtains and you wish you had another 10,15, 20 minutes in bed. As you slowly creep out of bed, not wanting to wake anyone through the process, your bare feet touch the cold floor, chills run up your back and you are not feeling too enthusiastic about this early rise. But then you remember what awaits you; ‘kadak’ chai and after your first sip you know everything is alright and a good day is about to start.

Most people say that their morning would feel incomplete without a cup of chai and they claim that whatever is going on in their day, chai will always have their back. The beauty of chai is that its aroma alone can uplift anybody’s mood.


Fast track to 11am, you have been straight in-straight out of meetings, files are building up on your desk, people are asking for your help, and your phone does not stop ringing. Your mind is tinted with emails and questions and you struggle to remember what comes first, so you collect yourself and get a cup of chai. You sit back, close your eyes, take a sip. Finally, your mind flows with clarity and you are ready to get back to your important day.


It’s 2pm and no one wants to return to their busy day after lunch. They ache for revitalization and a cup of chai is the perfect digestive treat.


Have you been checking your watch for the past half hour? You know 4pm is approaching. You are sitting on the edge of your seat, impatient to stretch your legs and get out of the office space. 4pm is Chai time, your social time. It’s the hour to exchange ideas, revitalize and have a laugh with colleagues and friends.


No matter how busy and hectic your day has been or will be, you know a hot cup of chai will always have your back and will be there to help you get through it.


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