Brewing tea tips

Good afternoon chai lovers, today we offer a few brewing tips for whoever enjoys making a cup of a tea in the comforts of their own homes – here are some good tips to hold onto in order to make the perfect cup of tea.


Brewing tea is one of the simplest exercises; but a delicious cup of tea requires attention and knowledge.

There are three factors that one must take into consideration;


The best water to use when brewing tea is reverse osmosis water. It is preferable for the water to have some natural mineral content as it enhances the flavours of the tea. Therefore, try and avoid using distilled water as the lack of minerals might leave the tea tasting flat.


Time of infusion

The time of infusion varies from tea to tea, and it is important to check the back of our packages ( before steeping your tea bag. The more delicate teas such as green tea should be steeped for no longer than 2 mins whereas the darker black teas, such as Ginger Black Tea can be steeped up to 3 mins depending on ones preference.



There is a popular conception that boiling water can be used for any type of tea, however this is incorrect and the temperature is critical. For example green tea should never be boiled, but always steeped and the temperature of the water should be less than that used for Black Tea, in order to bring out the right flavours.


Tip for the Chai Bot:

Anyone who is familiar with our Chai Bot and wants to change things up a bit why not try adding some fresh fruit – such as watermelon, grapes or pineapple to your bottle after you have added the green tea leaves to the filter. The combined freshness and aromas of the fruit and vigour of the tea leaves create a burst of flavours with the very first sip. Trust us- give it a go!

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