Sunday Soul Sante, a celebration of life

As you wait in the crowds before entering Soul Sante, you are surrounded by immense heat, laughter and chatter.

You can hear the low melody of the music playing in the background, and you are eager for the market to enfold you and to let yourself become lost in the creative abilities of the carnival.

Within your first few steps you are welcomed by bright and fruitful colours coming from the numerous craft, clothing and jewellery stands. You make your way through the carnival popping your head in and out of each stand as you are terrified to miss out on something wonderful. Soul Sante has done an incredible job in bridging different people, products, artisans and performers from various walks of life together.

Chai Point was delighted to have a stand at this wonderful celebration of life this Sunday. We offered our favourite snacks, iced and hot Chais to our very happy customers.


After an exciting few days celebrating Holi, Soul Sante was the perfect way to end this colourful and cheerful weekend. It was a celebration of life, and for anyone who took part we hope you had as good of a time as we did and we highly recommend you not to miss the next one!




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