International women’s day, the strength of diversity

International Women’s day commemorates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Here at Chai Point, we celebrate the strength of diversity within our workplace.

It is the diversity in our employee’s skills that allows our team to tackle every day challenges. Their ambition and cultural differences helps our business grow in an innovative way and we believe that every one can contribute successfully regardless of their gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity.


“ I joined Chai Point 9 months ago as a Store Senior Partner. I have been working since my daughter was a year old, she is now 8. She has grown up to be an independent young girl as she grew up with a working mom. I like to work so that I’m not dependent on anyone for myself, or my daughter. I feel free.







“I am 21 years old and the only working member in my family. I come from a small town called Chikmanglur. After I completed my education, I wanted to build my career, so I convinced my parents to let me move to Bangalore. I began my career in Chai Point 6 months back as a Shift Partner, and I aspire to manage the entire store by myself very soon.”





“I travel 21 kms on my bike – everyday – to get to work. I joined Chai Point’s team as a Junior Partner 8 months ago, and I was recently promoted to Shift Partner! I want to work for at least another 2 years before getting married. My father and sisters are also working so they have always encouraged me to work and build my career.”







“I have 13 years of work experience in MNCs and in start-ups, and I enjoy the diversity of cultures in each of these set-ups. I was introduced to traveling through work, and since then I absolutely love traveling solo. I have covered parts of Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and I try to travel for at least 20 days a year – every year. I like being independent in a foreign place, and exploring new cultures, people and cuisines.”






“I remember the day I joined Chai Point as an intern and had no clue about the corporate world. Eventually, I joined the Tech Team as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I was scared at first since I was the only girl in the team, but later I realized there was never a deficit of opportunity to explore and grow. Now, I am a QA Lead and still growing with Chai Point.”








“Since I started working at Chai Point I have noticed that a lot of women have held important positions in the company. I am driven to work as I am ambitious, and I want to make a difference through my work. I believe that we should thrive due to our competence, and not on the basis of our gender”








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