One Small Switch To Save The Planet

Right from our inception, we have challenged ourselves to set new standards and introduced practices and products that are environment friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. Chai Point has made the move from plastic  to paper packaging in all stores in Bangalore and we are consciously trying to avoid the use of plastic in all our stores.

On this World Environment Day (June 5th, 2018), we made the switch from plastic to paper straws across all Chai Point stores. Over a period of just one day, we were able to save 2820 plastic straws. The #maketheswitch campaign is our way of leading by example. You too can make a difference by either refusing the straw or insisting on eco-friendly straw options.

We’re sure that our environmentally aware readers know about the issues single-use plastic straws are causing for our environment, in particular our oceans.

Although straws aren’t the main contributor, cutting down on straws is probably one of the easiest ways of reducing the amount of plastic we use. Think about it,  do you actually ask for a straw when you aren’t given one? Most drinks don’t require one, but they are provided nonetheless.

As a company, we are trying our best to do as much as we can, one step at a time, to implement our Clean Earth philosophy. 

So far our efforts have led to the use of in-store plates made of bagasse – the fibrous matter leftover after crushing sugarcane stalks. We use sulphur-free sugar, we segregate all garbage produced at our retail outlets across the country. Here’s a list of the various measures we have taken to become a more responsible and environmentally conscious brand.

Our in-house innovation, the heat-retaining disposable flask which has been designed to meet the highest quality standards is partially recyclable. But we want to do more.

The #maketheswitch is a powerful, ambitious and inspiring campaign which hopes to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by straws – and plastic in general. Chai Point wants to spread this message as we continue working towards becoming an ethical and environmentally friendly company.


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