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We’re back with the next installation of ‘The garden to glass story’. Today, we take you on the journey of discovering the real roots of your chai. Where the tea leaves are grown over a long decade and how each tea garden is special. Let’s discover the origin of your fresh tea leaves.

The green landscapes in the laps of Assam and Nilgiris give you the chai that refreshes your mood and enlivens your day.

Come, discover the origin!

Fresh showers of rain and the high altitude give your tea the real charm. The way in which the vast gardens and estates are maintained brings to you the stories of hard work that each worker puts in. The gorgeous greens are pleasing to your eyes anyway. An escape from your daily routine, our story- Discover the origin is sure to tell you all you want to know about the origins of your tea.

Whether you call it chai, cha, chiya, shay, chaya or theneer, your tea is the cured leaves of the “Camellia sinensis”. Chai’s history dates back to 59 B.C. from Southwest China. It is still tough to determine the real dates during which this tasty and healthy drink was invented. In, the 16th century, European merchants started popularizing it. In the year 1836, the British introduced tea to India and there has been no looking back ever since.

The finest quality of tea in India is produced by Assam, The Nilgiris, and Darjeeling. The tea plant needs humid and warm climates with fertile nutritional soil to grow. The altitude at which the tea is grown results in the difference in the quality and aroma of your chai.

We source our teas from the best tea estates of Assam and the Nilgiris where not only the quality of tea but the ethics and sustainable techniques match our standards. When we visit the tea estates, we find out about the work culture and condition of the estate workers. But that’s another tale that we will share with you soon!

Have a look at this video to feel the magic of the origins of your tea.

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