Two leaves and a bud

Hey there chai reader,

Are you ready with a glass of chai to take another peek into the ‘garden to glass’ story? Because today we take you to the next part of our journey- two leaves and a bud

This little chapter is the most vital part of your tea’s journey.

When you hear the term, ‘two leaves and a bud’, does it ring a bell? No? Let’s tell you what this is all about. When each little green bud of tea is plucked, it needs to be plucked along with the two leaves on either side. The trio gives your chai its original taste and aroma.

The two leaves and a bud story:

The fresh and juicy green trio is plucked by the expert hands of a plucker in a fast yet precise movement keeping in mind the rules of ‘two leaves & a bud’. If the tea leaves are not plucked well, the whole bush may lose its flavour. An intricate yet quick movement of a plucker’s hand decides the quality of the tea. If one dent is made or the plucking is incorrect in any way, the whole tea bush suffers the consequence. The flavour of the bush is tampered and damaged. The bush that took about a decade or more to mature, is destroyed in the matter of a few seconds.

To prevent such a loss, the tea garden owners conduct extensive training procedures to make sure that the pluckers give only the best quality of tea leaves. Each structure of ‘two leaves and a bud’ is later dried and processed to transform into aromatic tea leaves that give only the finest taste and colour to your glass of chai.

Here’s the interesting story in a short video:

That was all about the two leaves and a bud. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about your tea! See you again with a new story soon! Visit to get your favourites.

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