The Subtle Art of Gifting Chai

Gifting ideas, are dime a dozen, with the entire web space conjuring up stuff you absolutely think would be a great gift idea right down to things that you wouldn’t even take a second look at. Then again, those would be helpful considering the specifics of how well you know the person you’re gifting to and his/her likes or dislikes.

But what if you’re gifting to someone who you don’t know much about or know only very basic information? It’s a pain to gift at times like these, and your mind doesn’t kick beyond the tried and tested chocolate and flower route.

Enter tea. Now tea, already adored around the world for its countless benefits, is not only a great-tasting timeless beverage but also an excellent gifting idea! The average coffee enthusiast would disagree, but once that bias is placed at arm’s length, even he/she would have to agree that for a gift, tea makes perfect sense!

So how do you go about gifting tea since you cannot obviously pluck it out of thin air and put it in gift wrap?! Well, that’s what we’re going to look at closely, viz a viz, a simple three-step checklist:

  • Picking the tea – When it comes to gifting tea, you’re ideally looking to pick between tea bags or loose leaf teas which is a more premium, niche offering and hence makes for a great gifting option. This decision is definitely easier if you get a peek into the giftee’s tea preferences or you could ask his/her close associations.

  • Choosing a blend – Most of the times, you may not have an idea of what the giftee’s favourite blend of tea may be. In which case, it’s best to play it safe with time-tested blends like black or green teas. Having said that, an assortment of teas also works wonders when uncertain!

  • Throwing in a bit extra – The best thing about gifting tea or building around it, is how imaginative you can get with it. From infusers and crockery to apparel and stationery, there is a whole universe constructed around the ritual of tea, and you can mix-and-match your tea package with any of these and hamper up!

Now that you’re equipped with a decent perspective on the subtle art of gifting Chai, you are encouraged to go ahead and surprise your peeps with a thoughtful little tea hamper which will instantly step up your gifting game and put you in the good books of your tribe! Chai on!

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