The Nearly Lost Art of Reading with Chai

In this day and age of multiple streaming services, offer-loaded set top boxes, audiobooks and a whole lot of other stuff to consume, reading a book is now something of an underground cult. As attention spans are collectively reducing across the world, and prescription medications are being dished out for attention shortage, the tried-and-tested old school practice of calming the mind with a cup of tea while reading a book is now a thing for the romantics and semantics alike.

Before we created devices and various avenues for digital content to sustain our constant need to be entertained across as many senses as possibly can be, imagination formed the crux of exploring new and varied neural pathways in the brain. At the forefront of this mass movement of intellectual and imaginative stimulation, were books. All visual media may never compare to the power of how the mind arranges words to create a visualisation so powerful, that videos and films tend to pale in comparison if you’re someone with a super-vivid imagination(even an adaptation as good as LOTR may fall short in terms of visualisation).

So how do you develop a reading habit? Contrary to popular belief and convenient excuses, you can develop a reading habit anytime and at any age. The important thing is to ensure that your first book encompasses pop-culture very dear to you or hold a deep fascination for, because that determines continuity and how well you take to the inclusive world of reading.

The next bit isn’t hard. Grab a cup of Chai, and start reading. Apart from the plethora of multiple benefits Chai gives you, it also satisfies an oral craving which directly affects the brain to maximise your concentration levels.

Signing off, we’ll leave you with a list of five curated classics paired with our signature Chais so you can experiment with the age-old practice of reading with a cup of tea!

  • Assam Whole Leaf Green Tea & Lord of the Rings:

A classy, detox beverage meets arguably the greatest work of fiction till date in what promises to be a session filled with ignited imagination and fresh wonderment.

  •  Assam Masala Tea & Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

A flavourful tea meets its match with this colourful hall-of-fame children’s favourite for a read that is bound to bring the inner child alive!

  • Premium Assam Tea & The Catcher in the Rye:

A no-nonsense timeless beverage meets a cult classic for a reading session that is bound to introspect and retrospect in equal measure.

Nilgiri Whole Leaf Green Tea & Sherlock Holmes:

Activated neurons meet the smartest detective on the block for a read that promises, suspense, thrills and fervour.

  • Nilgiri Orthodox Black Tea & Lolita:

A customary tea for the ages meets a story from the archives considered to be one of the best tales of the 20th century in what is to become, a paradox in sensibilities.

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