Summer Essentials: Now Serving!

Hi Chai Lover,

Summer is here early and we’ve all been scrambling for cover! Fans and air conditioners are on in full flow and cold, refreshing drinks for the parched throat are increasingly in demand. Every year, the summers get more severe and unbearable and it’s a primary need to want respite from it!

Despite having so many available avenues to deal with the scorch the summer brings, sometimes the age old practice of mind-over-matter is what really helps in keeping cool even as temperatures outside get unbearable.

To set you off on that journey of positive visualisation, Chai Point has got something for you! Inspired by age-old practices to keep the heat levels in check, our recommended remedy for summer is our latest range of beverages that you can sip on and visualise a cold breeze or a drop of water trickling down the neck.

So without further ado, we bring to you the entire range – “Summer Essentials.”



Cold Brew Green Chai – Lemongrass: Cold brewed green Chai infused with the goodness of lemongrass and honey, great for a burst of freshness on a hot summer day.









Kokum Iced Chai: A dash of kokum sherbet meets Chai Point’s lemon ice Chai for a coastal summer cheat.










Salted Lassi: A blend of fresh curd and mixed herbs and spices infused with ice for a quick refresh.










Vegan Cold Coffee: A medley of almond milk, filter coffee decoction, and jaggery come together over ice for an earthy summer beater.









Cold Filter Coffee: South-Indian filter coffee and crushed ice come together for a café classic rendition of a fan-favourite summer drink.








So grab one today and sit back as you get on a journey of coolness radiating from within!

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