The Chai Point Chronicle – March 2019

Dear Chai Lover,

It’s been a roller coaster month of March! For some time we have been discussing how important it is to create a sense of community with all of you and we’re thoroughly committed to the cause. Starting this month, we’re prepped to summarise significant developments at Chai Point through the course of every month, so you too get to see, read and subscribe to what your favourite Chai brand is up to!

The month of March has been busy going, with two New Store Openings, a stellar, sold-out Photography special of Conversations over Chai, an engaging in-office session of Conversations over Chai and two massive, new product range launches to boot!

Through this blog, we will elaborate more on the above mentioned proceedings while urging you to gather your Chai family and recap with us.

New Store Openings:
  1. Laxmi Infobahn – Setting sail again in the land of pearls and Nizams, Chai Point opened up yet another store in Hyderabad, this time right in the thick of things in the bustle of Laxmi Infobahn, a tech park.
  • Ahmedabad Airport – Our first foray into Ahmedabad got us flyer miles with Chai Point now etched on the map of Ahmedabad with our store opening up at the airport.
    Conversations over Chai:
  • Photography Special – Our 10th edition of Conversations over Chai, themed around Women’s Day turned out to be a stellar showcase! Featuring six women photographers who spoke at length about their work and their ideology behind the clicks, it was a super interactive event and we had a full house!

    We converted our store into an art gallery exhibiting their work which was an open floor for the audience to interact with the photographers.
  • In Office – We also hosted a Conversations over Chai edition for our employees where Mr Amitabh Rai, GM, Ritz-Carlton Bangalore was invited to be the guest speaker.

    With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality sector, Mr Rai’s insights about handling people, hiring the right kind of talent, HR policies and other such nuances were absolutely on point and left everyone with a sense of appreciation and gratitude.
    Product Launches:
  • The Parantha Break – Inspired by school days, tiffin boxes, classroom lunches and student stereotypes, Chai Point launched – Back to School: The Parantha Break, a complete range of lip-smacking paranthas in the month of March.

    With Aloo, Ajwain, Paneer, Chicken Keema, Anda & Anda Cheese paranthas on offer, we’ve had a terrific response thus far from the Chai Point community and it’s safe to say that our paranthas did relive school nostalgia with every bite, while satisfying hunger pangs through the day!
  • Summer Essentials – Inspired by age-old practices to keep the heat levels in check, we launched “Summer Essentials”, our range of summer beverages carefully put together to help survive the summer.

    Boasting of a roster of Cold Brew Iced Chai – Lemongrass, Kokum Ice Chai, Salted Lassi, Vegan Cold Coffee and Cold Filter Coffee, our ice cold beverages are taking the summer by storm!
    We also had a superbly well-organised, fun, internal product launch for The Parantha Break and Summer Essentials themed around reliving school days, that was received with much fanfare by all our employees.

    Activities like make-and-launch your own paper plane and blind beverage tasting were incorporated into the occasion, which only made it more gripping. All employees got to sample the paranthas and coolers and the event was capped off on a happy note!
    That was March for Chai Point in a nutshell and boy are we stoked and looking forward to a packed April! We look forward eagerly, to have you engaged with us, on every edition of the Chai Point newsletter.

    Signing off.

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