World Milk Day

World Milk Day is a day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  of the United Nations to recognize the importance of milk as a global food. It has been observed on June 1 each year since 2001. The day is intended to provide an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the dairy sector.

World Milk Day is a celebration of ages and eras since time immemorial from when milk has been an integral part of our culture. World Milk Day’s objectives include:

  • Highlighting the need and importance of milk in a human being’s life.
  • Raising awareness about milk and milk products.
  • Celebrating the contribution of milk and dairy products in several industries, the economy and people’s lives.
  • Educating people about the nutrients present in milk like calcium, protein, vitamin B2, potassium, iodine, etc.

Milk is not only consumed by growing children but also by the people of all age groups. It is an important part of the daily diet. It has great nourishment value and is a viable source of calcium, protein, fat and vitamin C.

This World Milk Day, take a small step in making drinking milk a ritual, and you will no doubt see the benefits of including this natural energy drink in your diet.

One way to do this subconsciously is walking up to the boxC at your workplace and indulging in your favourite cup of Chai/coffee/malt beverage which is made with a nutritious glass of milk. Milk is a great beverage for daily consumption.

Let us contribute to raising awareness on the importance of milk for complete nutrition while also acknowledging that the dairy sector supports the livelihoods of up to one billion people worldwide!

Chai On!

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