World Environment Day 2019 – Practicing Sustainability

This World Environment Day, imagine a planet free of plastic. Clean oceans, reduced biodegradable garbage piles, animals not choking on plastic waste, and the human race healthier and thriving because of it. It’s a distant reality but one which is achievable through small steps towards sustainability that start at home.

The biggest issues on hand are the use of single-use plastic, excessive consumption leading to wastage and improper waste management. If we do not take measures to curtail the unchecked growth of these problems, we’d simply not have the planet sustain life for much longer.

So how do we take a step in the right direction? Well, a simple segregation of wet and dry household waste is a great place to start. Avoiding single-use plastics and replacing them with viable alternatives is next. Overall, as a collective, consuming less and being mindful of cycling all available resources is another effective measure to taking a step towards showing concern and care for the environment.

At Chai Point, we recognise the need to act now and our efforts have led to the use of in-store plates made of bagasse – the fibrous matter leftover after crushing sugarcane stalks. We use sulphur-free sugar and segregate all garbage produced at our retail outlets across the country. Our in-house innovation, the heat-retaining disposable flask which has been designed to meet the highest quality standards is partially recyclable. But we want to do more.

Our promise to the planet and everyone who is a genuine champion trying to do their bit, is that we will continuously research every possible avenue to establish sustainable practices that slowly yield results on a bigger scale. Until then, Chai Point would like to ask everyone to put their best foot forward to do their bit, just as we continue working towards being an ethical and environment-friendly organisation.

Be a Planeteer! Go planet!

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