The Chai Point Chronicle – May 2019

Dear Chai Lover,

We’re back with the latest edition of The Chai Point Chronicle for the month of May! Due to global warming and some technical difficulties caused by alien technology, we have been unable to reach out to you with the previous edition. Nevertheless, we’re back on track to bring you all the developments and scoops that has been happening at your favourite destination for all things Chai!

In this edition of the Chai Chronicles, we take a bird’s eye view of the month of May at Chai Point, and boy do we have a list of things to show and tell! So grab a cup of Chai as we get straight into the thick of things!

New Store Openings:

  • RMZ Infinity – After making our presence known to RMZ Infinity Chennai, it made logical sense that the good folks at RMZ Infinity at Bengaluru also got a bite out of our menu.

  • RMZ Ecospace – Continuing our association with RMZ, we took another step to bridging the Chai needs of the white collar professional with our foray into RMZ Ecospace.

  • AIHP Signature –We strengthened our ties with the buzzing NCR region with a Chai Point store now open at AIHP Signature.

New Product Launches:

Trail Mix – The month of May saw Chai Point take a different route with New Product Development and a lot of thought went into launching our latest product offering, Trail Mix.

Packed with the goodness of 9 superfoods namely flaxseeds, raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews and pistachios, our Trail Mix comes in an efficient single-serve pack perfect for convenient consumption.

In-Office Events:

BU Summit:

The 2nd BU summit at Chai Point kicked off with a lot of planning and organisation going behind the scenes to set up a Game of Thrones theme and it was well-received by everyone!

To shed some light, the BU summit is an annual event focussed on reviewing of the ending financial calendar and setting a context for the next one, by the leadership.  It’s also a night for Rewards & Recognition, to acknowledge all those who have worked tirelessly to help Chai Point on our mission and vision.

Spread over two days, not only was the summit a success in terms of what it set out to achieve, but also made a great impact on the organisation and people front, as group activities and an offsite dinner were part of the itinerary too!

Department in Focus:

Featuring this month on our “Department in Focus” segment is the Tech Team for their keen eye to recognise, imbibe and develop raw talent.

Anushma Dubey, a student from New Horizon College who is interning with us on our multi-faceted tech team, has been offered a pre-placement contract as a reward for her stellar contribution to our Facial Recognition engine integration and Echo app.

She has been offered the role of Software Engineer with effect from the completion of her studies. We commend the entire team supported admirably by recruitment in identifying and moulding young talent to not only be a valuable team player at Chai Point but also to be an important individual in society. Kudos team!

May was a breeze, and as we bring this to you, we’re keeping busy in June so we can bring you snippets of what your favourite beverage brand is doing behind the scenes!

Stay tuned and Chai on!

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