boxC: The game-changer of dispensers

From big office spaces to start-ups, every employee looks for some basic needs/wants that are essential to keep his/her productivity levels up while in the organisation. While some can afford the luxuries of pool tables and recreation rooms, it’s not always the lavish factor that keeps the employee content and delivering. From clean bathrooms to efficient pantries, it doesn’t take much money or infrastructure to keep your employee happy. Sometimes, all it takes is a great cup of Chai/Coffee that helps break the clutter and realigns the mind. A Chai/Coffee break is the holy grail of employee goodwill. How do we know that you ask?

Over the past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time understanding the ritual of Chai/Coffee, especially at the workplace and what it does for the morale and mindset of every employee working within the organisation.

We’ve spent a lot of time assessing and analysing this consumption and we’ve come to understand that most workspaces use tea/coffee dispensers to service their employees. The problem with dispensers, however, is that more often than not, they end up serving a very average-tasting cup of Chai/Coffee which can end up being a compromise and a cause for disgruntlement. There is a big miss in the fundamentals of authenticity and freshness, which is the basic requirement for a good-tasting beverage. So, we went ahead and assembled a smart machine that not only gives a great Chai and Coffee experience but also is smart enough to do all its tasks with the touch of a button or two.

Offering a whole lot of options ranging from freshly-brewed Chai and Coffee to malt beverages, boxC is that workplace machine that serves inspiration and rejuvenation in a cup! What’s even better, is that it comes with a range of extracts to offer further beverage versatility and alternative sweetener options for the health-conscious. All this, while quietly bringing colleagues together for their breaks. Sounds good, yes?

We take pride in being the first IoT-enabled, CE-certified dispenser that uses fresh tea leaves for brewing. We believe in a “no artificial flavour” policy and our decoctions are certified to be conducive to brewing and dispensing a high-quality beverage.

With marquee accounts like Google, Facebook, Amazon, HP on an ever-growing list seeing us eye-to-eye about the power of an authentic cup of Chai/Coffee, we hope to bridge the gap between the working professional and his claim to a great-tasting beverage. We believe in the power of rituals! Do you?

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