The Chai Point Rewards Loyalty Program

Just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, a bond is built over time, trust and love. Consistency in thought and action forms the foundation of forming a connection that lasts. From connection grows association, and over a period of association, stems love. This usually happens when your interests and identity is aligned with your connection.

What are we talking about you may ask? Well, we’re about to scratch the surface of what makes an individual bond with his/her favourite brand and how it’s a connection built over time, trust and love. Whether it’s buying a deodorant or getting a haircut, buying electronics or ordering takeout, we all have preferences that we develop over time, which we don’t think twice about going back to, as a result of consistency in quality of the product or service.

At Chai Point, we’ve always held the ownership of our consumers’ Chai ritual close to our heart and our entire roadmap starts and ends here. Whether it’s a flask of Ginger Chai delivered to your office space, a cup of kadak Chai from boxC while you’re powering through your tasks or Chai and snacks delivered home for a rainy evening get together, we do try to give you a top-of-the-line service, every time.

Over time, we’ve seen some of our consumers adopt our ideologies, speak our tongue and imbibe Chai Point as part of their daily routine. That brings a smile on our faces, knowing that our constant effort has developed an unflailing bond with our customers and makes us ecstatic that we’re able to have so many come back to Chai Point for their fix of Chai and more.

To celebrate this, and further strengthen our ties with you lovely folk who keep coming back to us, we are ecstatic to bring you the Chai Point Rewards Loyalty Program.

The Chai Point Rewards Loyalty Program is our recognition of how the bond between you and us has strengthened over time and that we’re indebted to you for making us feel aspirational.

It’s really simple. Once you’ve registered with a mobile number, every purchase at Chai Point adds up a certain number of tea leaves. Upon collection 30 of these tea leaves, you’re eligible to get a free hot/Iced Chai!

Thank you for your continued association! We hope that you keep us in your cup of thoughts and help us grow to be not only a brand that serves a great cup of Chai, but also brightens lives and brings people together!

To know more about Chai Point rewards, click  here

Chai On!

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