The Chai-Monsoon Connection

Storm clouds gather and the rain comes pattering down.  At first as tiny droplets and then as sheets of white – blurring all vision and bringing with it a cool wind that gushes through streets and gullies.

Most of us dread the monsoons because of the inconvenience of it all…the muddy puddles, the lack of cabs, the jams that pile up and the power that flickers on and off. Some of us however, love the theatre that the rain brings with it – drama in the sky, the smell of the earth as soon as the rain hits the ground, cozy candlelight evenings at home and a good cup of Chai to tie it all together.

This bring about the point -what are rains without a cup of piping hot chai or garma garam pakoras served straight from the kadai onto your plate? This monsoon, make a conscious effort to take a step back, disconnect from the digital world and make yourself a cup of Chai – just the way you like it – and enjoy the rain for what it’s worth – inconvenience and all! The good news is – if you’re addicted to Chai Point Chai the way we are – you can make it from the convenience of your home. Just pick up one of our Loose Leaf Tea packs and start brewing!

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