Break For Breakthroughs

A wise man once said “Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs” and over time, that statistic has proved to be a corollary. Sometimes the only way to declutter the mind is to move a little away from the clutter itself. Imagine staring at your screen for an idea intensely for long but coming up blank and breaking your head about the thought block. Well, that’s where breaks came about, we suppose.

When at work, it can get really mundane sitting at your desk/cubicle/room for extended periods. That’s when you feel the need to move about and refresh your thoughts, switch up your surroundings a bit. Sometimes, you take a walk, most other times you go to your nearest cup of tea/coffee.

Rituals are such, they’re born when you fill an empty cup. With a few, simple, effective sips of inspiration. For so many of us, a cup of our favourite beverage is often the go-to dullness breaker. A sip of it, and you can really feel the clarity coming up all the way to the head.

Whether you’re someone who prefers a quiet break by yourself, or you’re someone who gathers his tribe for break time, tea/coffee has become an integral component of a workplace break well spent.

Offering a whole lot of options ranging from freshly-brewed Chai and Coffee to malt beverages, boxC is that workplace machine that serves inspiration and rejuvenation in a cup! What’s even better, is that it comes with a range of extracts to offer further beverage versatility and alternative sweetener options for the health-conscious. All this, while quietly bringing colleagues together for their breaks. Sounds good, yes?

We take pride in being the first IoT-enabled, CE-certified dispenser that uses fresh tea leaves for brewing. We believe in a “no artificial flavour” policy and our decoctions are certified to be conducive to brewing and dispensing a high-quality beverage.

So if you’re looking to take a break, break the mould with boxC!

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