The Power Breakfast Duo: Idli & Filter Coffee

Over the past decade or two, with globalisation and a sharp increase in international travel, food preferences seem to be ever-changing with growing knowledge and understanding of global cuisine. As palates are developing with exposure, diets are changing thanks to an increasing focus on health and nutrition apart from the ever-present factor of taste.

This increase in awareness has seen an increase in adoption of foods that used to perceived to be regional and specific to a certain geography and demography. From cereal to the Farmer’s Breakfast, from butter chicken and roti to Pho, everyone enjoys variety when it comes to their food.

Not to be left far behind, the timeless Idli seems to be gaining popularity for its health benefits, ease-of-cooking and an unparalleled lightness and taste on the palate. And why not, we say. Reportedly invented way back in 700 CE, an idli fills you up while hardly adding to the calorie intake. Each idli contains 39 calories & contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. The fermentation process of the idli batter increases the bioavailability of proteins and enhances the vitamin B content of the food. That explains the ever-growing adoption of this well-received superfood which is also a potent power breakfast option!

Then there are those looking for a sharp, pick-me-up in the mornings. And thus the delightfully potent cup of good-old south Indian filter coffee was born! Filter coffee or ‘Kaapi’ dates back to the 17th century when it first came to Karnataka. Baba Budan, while returning from his Hajj Yatra smuggled seven coffee beans. A saint who resided in Chikmagalur, he started the entire tale of coffee in India.

Since then coffee has been produced extensively in the Chandragiri Hills, and in 19th-century, coffee plantations started exporting the yield. By the 20th century, filter coffee had become massively popular all the way through the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. The Filter coffee has fresh decoction that gives out a specific aroma, which is nearly impossible to find across coffee practices throughout the world.

What we’re getting at is that by their powers combined, the combination of Idli & filter coffee will usher in the gods of alertness and inspiration to guide you through a busy day!

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