The People’s Brew – June 2019

Dear Chai Lover,

We’re back with the latest edition of  our newsletter for the month of June! The monsoons are slowly setting over the skies in some parts of the world but it’s business as usual around the globe! We’ve also changed our setup a bit with a new title (you must’ve noticed) that we thought would be more along the lines of why we do this newsletter (for you of course!), while trying out some new stuff where we shed more light on all the different happenings on all our channels at your favourite destination for all things Chai (apart from where we’re newly opened, what we’re launching and everything else you’ve been reading about until this edition).

In this edition of the Chai Chronicles, we break down the month of June where we took some time away from the convention to reinforce some of our core beliefs while also ushering in cricket fever with the commencement of the ICC World Cup 2019.

Cheer with Chai

ICC World Cup 2019:

Cricket reached fever pitch in June with the commencement of the ICC World Cup 2019.  From restaurants and cafes screening games, to office spaces streaming cricket and small Chai shops where people huddled around on their mobile phones, it’s safe to say that the World Cup had the attention of the entire nation.

At Chai Point, the enthusiasm was running high and so we went ahead and came up with a campaign – “Cheer with Chai”, where we thought we’d indulge one and all, ranging from a whole range of  combos curated specifically for the World Cup to churning out breezy quizzes and interesting trivia on our social media to set the tone for the rest of the World Cup season.

World Environment Day:

On World Environment Day in June, we recognised the immediate need for action and spoke at length about our efforts to make a difference to the sustainability footprint such as the use of in-store wares being made of bagasse – the fibrous matter leftover after crushing sugarcane stalks. We also shed some light on our usage of sulphur-free sugar and segregation of all garbage produced at our retail outlets across the country. Our in-house innovation, the heat-retaining disposable flask, designed to meet the highest quality standards was also given impetus due to it being semi-recyclable.

Loyalty Program:

We revamped our loyalty programme in June with a gentle shift – letting our Chai loyalists redeem their Tea Leaves for either a hot Chai or an iced Chai keeping preferences in mind.

World Yoga Day:

On World Yoga Day, we took some time out to spread awareness about the benefits of Yoga and how pairing Yoga with Chai can be the pathway to good health and well-being. We also had a fun puzzle to decode on our social media for all the Yoga enthusiasts.

Check it out:

We thought we’d show you a different dimension this edition and as we bring this to you, we’ll be back with the next edition with a whole lot of happenings on several of our channels! We hope you’re having a nice cup of Chai as this newsletter finds you. Stay tuned and Chai on!


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