Substituting Plastic

Over the past year or so, there has been a sudden spike in global awareness about the harm plastic causes to the environment because it’s non bio-degradable. Plastic trash islands in seas and oceans, big landfillls that seem to be only accumulating waste and such visual representations have ushered in a much-needed consciousness about eliminating plastic use and replacing it with more viable solutions that incorporate the use of eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials.

While it’s every individual’s responsibility to do his/her bit to ensure that we sustain Earth for the foreseeable future, organisations also hold a huge responsibility to re-shape and re-align their practices to fulfill the need of the hour.  The scale of impact cannot be undermined, simply because of the volume of consumption and transaction that organisations see on a day-to-day basis.

So where do we fit in? Well, for starters, we first identified this need a few years ago, when we foresaw that in time, sustainable practices would take precedence over other significant pillars that a brand would earmark as metrics for success. Our vision, from our inception in 2010 was always to be a brand that was conscious of and contributing to innovation that would effectively eliminate the use of plastic first, and then reduce the paper trail of single-use consumption.

The first place that we identified to put these practices in place, was where they would make the most impact – at Chai Point stores.

We started off with straws, which around the time, were the most highlighted problem with single-use plastic. Then, we moved over to our cutlery, where we found that using wood was a much more viable and eco-friendly solution as opposed to using plastic. In time, we slowly began to use bagasse (the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane) for our plates and serving other serving material. We serve our drinks in clay Kulhads, upon request.

From our stores, we moved on to revamping our packaging to be more practical and sustainable and from there we have been constantly exploring and establishing avenues to consolidate our eco-friendly footprint as a brand.

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Until we make a significant impact and create awareness, we’re on a sleepless mission to ensure that we leave meaningful bits of our home. for future generations. To return, what we’ve been taking.

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For Earth.

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