Store(ing) Sustainability

With an earnest focus on sustainability being a key pillar in our vision for future stores, we start our effort with conserving the basics, water and electricity.

Low-flow faucets & taps help reduce water wastage. They reduce the water flow by upto 80% without reducing tap pressure thereby making provisions for our patrons and staff to use 20% of this water with the same effetiveness.

Electricity consumption too, can be checked by following a few simple hacks like switching to LED lights over halogen light fixtures, using power strips to prevent ‘phantom’ electricity loss and using motion sensitive lights in restrooms and areas of  selective usage.

Earning a LEED® rating for our stores is something we aim to achieve in the near future by incorporating sustainable design processes. We are currently working on packaging our used Tea leaves to give it away as fertilizer, to our valued patron, this completing the circle of our concept of ‘Garden to Glass’.

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