#ProEarth Campaign Testimonial

“If we continue to accumulate only power and not wisdom, we will surely destroy ourselves. Our very existence in that distant time requires that we will have changed our institutions and ourselves. How can I dare to guess about humans in the far future? It is, I think, only a matter of natural selection. If we become even slightly more violent, shortsighted, ignorant, and selfish than we are now, almost certainly we will have no future.”

  • Carl Sagan

Over the past few years, we’ve seen climatic change really catch up with us for all the mindless practices humankind has fostered and followed. This has seen a sudden spike in awareness among people, who are slowly noticing this change and changing their habits when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of the planet for future generations.

To aid this mass movement and make it impactful, we at Chai Point, are consistently trying and testing new ways to give back to Earth what we have been unconditionally taking for so long. Preserving the planet for future generations has always been one of our key pillars as a brand and to raise this awareness among our consumers, we launched the #ProEarth campaign last month where we have been constantly encourage the use of non-plastic wares whilst promoting minimal use of paper.

The response from you, our Chai community has been overwhelming thus far, and so we’re using this canvas to shout out to all those lovely folk who have been commending and recognising our efforts on this front.

Diksha Sharma, Fashion Blogger & ardent traveller had this to say;

“Ever thought about how @chai_point is adding meaning to our lives by their simple but impactful steps towards a greener earth?

Recently I was amazed to find the beautiful earthen kulhads which they have been using to serve beverages. It took me to the good old times that I spent at my granny’s village! Now I am trying to add my two cents by reusing these Chai Point kulhads at home to serve water and beverages to my guests at home instead of plastic glasses.

What small changes are you guys doing to be more environment friendly?”

Neha Sharma, Editor & Blogger too had some kind words.

“Enjoying my chai in an earthen kulhad and food in bio degradable cutlery at the @chai_point store at PVR Saket, Delhi. How cool is all this and still comes with one of the best Chai. Any guesses on what these plates are made of? Proud to be a part of Chai Point movement to save the environment.”

Simran Jain, Fashionista and Lifestyle curator, has been very kind with her take on the campaign.

“Do you know what else I love from @chai_point other than my favorite chai? These eco-friendly glass containers they use to serve cold items, and I’m now doing my small part for Planet Earth by reusing these to plant a sapling. What small changes are you guys doing to be more environment friendly?

Chai Point as a brand is taking meaningful steps to save environment and grow sustainably, including the usage of bagasse plates, rice starch cutlery, earthen kulhads among others.”

We would like to take some time to thank these lovely people not only for their acknowledgement, but also for being a part of this journey in restoring planet Earth, piece by piece. This is our testimonial, to you.

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