Happy 73rd Independence Day

Ushering in our 73rd Independence Day, there is a general sense of realisation that we have progressed much as a nation since gaining our freedom. After being left to start from scratch, today we stand as a nation that contributes much to the global blueprint of development whether it is in the field of science and technology, art or services.

Much of that is down to how diverse we are in culture, which brings a cosmopolitan mindset to this process of development and harnessing this diversity has been an important pillar in our collective progress as a country.  For India, unity in diversity is it’s biggest strength and honing and fostering this unity is of primordial importance going forward too.

Yet, for a country of such rich and varied cultural heritage, there are several common factors that invoke the same sentiment in all of us, and when it comes to identifying them, you needn’t have to look further than the fuel that we all seem to thrive on – Chai.

When Chai Point began in 2010, this sentiment was what drove us to create a brand that was synonymous with the voice of the nation. Since then, we’ve been on a constant journey to bring authenticity to the practice of Chai, and unite people under this ritual that nurtures the same sentiment of unity across the country.

Whether it’s our range of Heritage Chais that are inspired by the regional touch of different Chai practices across the country, or serving drinks in a Kulhad which is reminiscent of old, sustainable practices, we take immense pride that we’re an Indian brand at our core, and our mission is to take this flavour and get the world to see Chai, the Indian way.

We wish every Indian a sorted year ahead, and we wish India a year of progress and prosperity! Indeed, India does run on Chai!

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