Introducing: Blue Marble Coffee

A long time ago, when Earth was brimming with abundance, all life followed a complete cycle of giving back to Earth as taking from it, ensuring that the planet was replenished by the very cradle of life that it birthed.

Inspired by the image of Earth taken from space, which is a symbolic reminder that the human race, as a collective, has a responsibility to give back to the planet unconditionally, Chai Point takes a step towards the preservation of Earth with our launch of Blue Marble range of Coffee.

There was an idea, to put out a product that was not only high on taste and aesthetic, but also ethical and sound in terms of the footprint it would leave on the planet, and thus Blue Marble came to be.

For us, Blue Marble is a promise of sustainability to our home, planet Earth, while creating awareness about the possibility of creating a top-notch product that is ethically sourced, responsibly packaged and sustainably disposed after consumption.

With every sip of Blue Marble coffee, you walk with us, hand-in-hand taking small steps towards replenishing the planet while you take your taste buds on a personal journey of revitalisation and rejuvenation.

Why Blue Marble Coffee?

  • Medium Roasted 100% Arabica Beans – Blue Marble Coffee is made from premium Arabica beans packed in small 250 g packs, ensuring that every cup is fresh with a crisp and bright flavour, and a fruity note.
  • Bio-degradable Paper Cups with Bagasse Lids – Adding strong reason to a great experience is the fact that Blue Marble Coffee is served in environment friendly, plastic-free cups with bagasse lids that reduce the burden of massively prevalent heaps of non-biodegradable waste piles and landfills.
  • Gourmet Coffee Machines – To deliver upon the potential of the medium roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans, we use the best-in-class Gourmet coffee machines to give you a superior coffee experience.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified™ – Chai Point’s association with Rainforest Alliance™ is a first step towards our commitment to sustainability. Our products with Rainforest Alliance™ seal meet rigorous environmental and social standards. We are proud to bring to you products that help protect forests, conserve wildlife, and support local communities.

Blue Marble Coffee is our promise to you of authenticity, flavour and sustainability with every sip.

Walk over to your nearest Chai Point and treat yourself to a super coffee experience with Blue Marble!*

*Available in select Chai Point stores in Delhi & NCR

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