Innovations 101

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from evolution, is that the only constant, is change. Adaptability is always the need of the hour and at Chai Point, we embrace this wholeheartedly. In the food and beverage space, the most efficient way to stay relevant is to grow with the ever-evolving sensibilities of the modern consumer while always taking conscious steps to consistently innovate and provide solutions that disrupt the existing space.

Exhaustion in our segment is quick and options are plenty. Keeping that in mind, we’re always scurrying around either in the lab or in the boardroom to come up with novel ideas, that not only give a good consumer experience but also revolutionise it, while setting the bar high for competition to deliver a great experience too.

Our New Product Development (NPD) team, drives innovation for customized  product development focused on packaged products, boxC packaged products and development of boxC.

Some of our innovations that are currently in the pipeline and being tested are:

• Centralized video streaming, UPI payment systems, and incorporating feedback from customers on our dispenser machines.

• Launching new dispensing machines for Chai Point’s packaged products, snacks and Loose Leaf Teas.

• Added options for our range of extract flavours – Ajwain Saunf, Dum Chai, Sulaimani Chai and Kesar Elaichi with boxC, introduction of new soup premixes – Tomato and Sweet Corn Soup.

• Expanding our current Loose Leaf Tea range to include more variety and flavour.

• Instant tea for travellers – 100% natural that shall be primarily available in flights, trains, etc.

We’ll be bringing you more snippets from what we’re planning behind the scenes in the coming editions at your one stop for all things Chai/Coffee. Stay tuned!

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