Happy Stomachs Make For Happy Memories

From chaaT from the gaaDiwaala to momos by the pavement, from some yummy paranthas in a small dhaba to steaming, fluffy idlis and crisp vaDas at your favourite Darshini, don’t you think food is not only something you savour in the present, but also one that can just as easily conjure up the past. Seems like a happy stomach always retains a memory, doesn’t it?

There’s food … and then there’s familiar food. This familiar food takes you on a nostalgia trip. And though nostalgia always comes with a pinch of salt, when food and memories come together, it’s hard to not relive some good times and expect a repeat of it. Well, almost!

At Chai Point, we believe that your taste buds rule the way to harness all of your abilities, and with every item that goes out, a little bit of thought is put behind what would really make your mind stay with your heart, while creating a fond memory!

So when you’re tucking into our Fresh Bun Omelette, we promise you two things – one, a soft bun around a fluffy, steaming, omelette flavoured with a bit of chaTpaTa tandoori mayo and a hint of zingy chili sauce, and two – a lasting memory of a happy stomach!

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