The People’s Brew – August 2019

Dear Chai lover,

We’re back with the latest edition of The People’s Brew for the month of August! With all that was happening in August and so much trickling into September, we’re a little behind on updating you all the happenings this month, but nonetheless, we’re here now, ready to have you swim into the world of all that’s happening in the world of your favourite Chai/Coffee destination!

New Store Openings:

  • Phoenix Market City, Chennai – Expanding our blueprint for Chennai, we opened yet another store in the plush surroundings of Phoenix Market City, Chennai.

  • Phoenix Market City, Bangalore – Although not a new store, we thought we’d give the good people frequenting Phoenix Mall a Chai experience like no other, so we revamped our existing store to a shiny, new one!

New Product Launches:

  • Blue Marble Coffee –Blue Marble is Chai Point’s newest range of farm-fresh coffee and delectables. Our coffee beans come from leading Rainforest Alliance certified growers in southern India with a reputation for producing some of the most delicious coffees in the country. The beans are 100% arabica and medium-roasted to perfection. We grind the beans to order and brew every from scratch. This way, you experience the coffee at its absolute best: brimming with garden-fresh flavors and nothing short of satisfying. Available in Vegan options served with Almond Milk.

Introducing the Blue Marble range:

Cappuccino – Whole creamy foam with a dash of full cream milk on a bed of strong espresso.

Americano – Hot water and espresso come together with a thin layer of crema (non-milk foam)

Café Latte – Steamed full cream milk topped with a dash of creamy foam over a bed of robust espresso

Latte Macchiato – A shot of delicious espresso topped with a spot of steamed, full cream milk

Curated for the complete coffee experience, our made-for-Blue Marble range of eats comprise of both sweet and savoury options. From the classic choco-chip muffin to our sandwiches, these bites are sure to enhance your coffee ritual.

Choco Chip Muffin – Soft, fluffy chocolate muffins loaded with rich chocolate chips

Vanilla Choco Mudpie – Indulgent chocolate and creamy vanilla come together in a luscious pie

Spinach & Corn Sandwich – Sauteed spinach and corn sprinkled with cheese stuffed in marble bread

Smoked Chicken Sandwich – Wood-smoked creamed chicken stuffed in marble bread

  • Fresh Bun Omelette – We thought we’d tick the experience box bv ever-so-slightly changing our recipe to our classic Bun Omelette. Our Bun Omelette is now prepared fresh, as soon as you place the order and flavoured with some chaTpaTa Tandoori Mayo and some zingy Chili Sauce to give you a delectable eating experience!

Significant Highlights:

Independence Day Seed Flag Giveaway –

On the occasion of our 73rd Independence Day, we gave out India flags to our valued customers at some select Chai Point stores. The specialty of these flags are that they can be planted in the soil and will grow into saplings while being made by physically and mentally challenged persons from Antharbhaava Foundation.

When discussing the the concept of seed flags, our first thought was what better way to spread the message of sustainability, than to give away a piece of replenishment for the Earth. On the day we got our Independence.

Thank you for sharing our vision.

That wraps up another eventful edition of The Mountain Trail.

Until next time, remember to hydrate, ward off the bad juju and eat healthy!

Keep calm and Chai on!

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