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Drinking a Chai or coffee is not only something you do out of the force of habit, it’s so much more! It’s an extremely personal ritual with preferences, schedules and much thought put into it. Whether you’re someone who drinks one cup a day or a gazillion, every Chai ritual is a personal journey of refreshment and rejuvenation.

To gently nudge you along this journey, we at Chai Point came up with a couple of things that can enhance your Chai experience a whole, lot more. What are these things, you ask? Well, without further ado, here we go – the Chai bot and the Sipper Mugs!

The Chai bot, which is our signature infuser, is a great companion to take with you, while you’re on-the-go! With an infuser panel inside the main flask, it’s a great way to hydrate while infusing your water with your favourite teas, fruit or even vegetables! Hydration will never be the same once you’ve explored the multiple benefits of infusions in your water bottle!

Our signature Sipper Mugs took form when we took a step back and re-evaluated our stance on using disposable cups. After having adopted and promoted the Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) initiative for a bit now, we’re extremely happy to see how much awareness and adoption, the initiative has seen since its inception.  Our Sipper Mugs are made from ceramic and come with a rubber sleeve and sealer cap to keep your beverage temperature exactly how you want it, while also providing a sturdy, hard-to-spill case to hold your beverage! Available in classy black and vibrant red!

So the next time you head over to a Chai Point store, take a look at these and maybe you’ll be just as fascinated with our Tea Wares as we were when we created them for you!

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Take your Chai ritual up to the next level!

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