Machine Chai vs Tapri Chai

As time has passed, the ritual of drinking Chai also seems to have evolved keeping in mind the ever changing landscape of the way the world works! From a time when the only Chai available apart from what you could brew at home were ‘Tapris’ i.e. tea from a roadside vendor, to now where one is bombarded with options and variety, the way the world drinks it’s Chai also has evolved over time.

However, if there’s one thing that can be said it is that the good old “tapri wali Chai” — tea from a roadside seller — is not going out of fashion any time soon, even if fancy tea variants continue to flood the cafes, chai bars and vending machines. Be it those quick breaks in between office hours or a unifying agent for college students, tapri Chai — traditionally made with milk and sugar — has always maintained its charm.

Tea experts and owners of different cafes and tea brands maintain that tapri Chai might be reinvented with style, but the flavour that it gets in its original setting will never go out fashion. It’s a sentiment that the entire nation echoes as tapri Chai has been a constant, for so much of the regular Chai consuming population.

While tapri Chai will always be a constant for many, many brands are now focussed on reinventing the dispenser/machine experience. From rigorous R&D to increased options and beverage versatility, several brands are looking to bank upon the machine Chai experience by leveraging improved beverage quality and authentic experience around the dispenser/machine.

With convenience the major driving force for the dispenser/machine business, it’s also a powerful driving factor for employees at a workplace who may have limited access to a clean, good tasting cup of Chai. This is where the market for a dispenser is really open and there has been significant waves made in this space keeping in mind the sheer number that this segment has the potential to cater to.

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So, whether you’re a tapri Chai loyal or someone who has access to a good dispenser service at your workplace, the important thing is that there are now so many options, you never have to go a day without missing your favourite cup of Chai!

Keep calm and Chai on!

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