Behind boxC – A Candid Conversation with Mr. Dev Arora – VP

Ever tried to trace the steps back from your favourite cup of Chai? Maybe wondered what all goes on behind the scenes before you take that first sip of goodness that gets you going? If you have, well, then get ready to take a breezy dive into some really candid conversation about all that is happening behind the scenes at your favourite beverage brand and some more!

We’re in conversation with Mr. Dev Arora, VP – boxC and Consumer Packaged Goods, and we couldn’t wait to pick his brain about some things that all of us acquainted with the authentic boxC experience wanted to know, while also getting some major insights about what’s in store for the future too!

So without further ado, here are some excerpts from the conversation:

Roadmap for boxC since coming in:

Dev: When I came in to Chai Point, there was clear focus on the dispenser business and with support from every function, we knew that this business could expand faster than our other channels. After my coming in, the focus has been to strengthen our presence in the existing market while also expanding our presence to three new cities – Ahmedabad, Vadodra & Calcutta.

On boxC being a significant pillar in generating revenue for Chai Point:

Dev: The contribution to boxC has increased significantly with more awareness and a stronger pipeline for the future business. While any number is a good representation of value contribution, boxC’s success is more relatable when you consider volume contribution. Since boxC caters to the corporate segments where budgets are more strained than individual spending, even though value contribution may sometimes not reveal the whole facts, the volume sold is always a good factor to consider.

On challenges faced: 

Dev: When we launched boxC, the biggest challenge was to convey that you could get a freshly brewed, authentically made Chai from a machine, especially one that looked as classy as boxC. For most people, a machine Chai/filter coffee was typically a pre-mix. With a slightly different outlook in our sales strategy, we initially reached out to more companies than what we had earmarked which in turn helped us build awareness about the product itself and its offerings, which helped in breaking the pre-mix misconception while also increasing our consideration and nous in the business.

We are mindful of being a brand whose core principles are being ethical in our practices while being mindful of the planet. A strong identity really helps, on the journey of owning a particular space while also creating a strong recall value.

Vision for boxC for the immediate future: 

Dev:  I think, to start off, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests and enquiries from offices with smaller head counts for our machine. So we’re working on a cost-efficient model/variant of boxC to tackle smaller head counts and working spaces. The next significant step, would be to expand our footprint into tier – II cities where we have been receiving several enquiries. Being equipped with a good balance of product and tech, I think we’re now ready to explore a lot of the untapped market.

Also, we are ready to expand our offerings portfolio by launching more extracts for increased versatility such as lemongrass, ajwain-saunf, kesar. In the coffee department, we’re looking at adding a Filter Mocha coffee while delving into the sulaimani Chai in the Chai space. Some fruit and herb infused green teas are being considered. We’re also looking to launch soups for the coming seasons, which will give us a high consideration factor even among the non-tea and coffee drinkers. All 100% natural, without additives and preservatives.

On Chai Point in the next two years: 

Dev: The one constant that I’ve seen at Chai Point in my time here, is evolution. From store designs, to offerings to the way we present ourselves and to the evolution of our machines and tech, some of what we do is seen by the outer world. I think our consumer base would relate to us more if they had even more idea of what’s happening behind the scenes.

We’ve been somewhat trendsetters in this space, and in the next couple of years I think Chai Point is really looking to consolidate our footprint of being a pioneer. Newer, premium stores, newer versions of machines, an increased food and beverage portfolio and a solid tech product are paving the way forward for us, with a non-changing stance on being a brand that’s not only good for the people, but also for the planet!

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