Ushering in the Festive Season

It’s around that time of year again when the festive seasons begin to come at full force and the mid-season holiday calendar kicks off! From kids frolicking around to employees scrambling for leave approvals, the start of October always brings holiday cheer, especially here in India.

The month of October brings much cheer and relief to busy schedules whilst also bringing people together for celebration and merry making. Here’s 10 reasons to look forward to a blockbuster October:

  • Festivals – Stacked with festivals, the month of October is a welcome relief from school for the kids and means plenty of breaks for working professionals! Celebrations ahoy!
  • Holidays – As is customary with festivals, the calendar comes stacked with holidays, which is enough cause for celebration!
  • New clothes – The festive season usually calls for new clothes, and it’s always a good idea to indulge in a little retail therapy!
  • An excuse to party – There’s no need for an excuse to partayy, but if you were looking for one, the festive season is a great alibi!
  • Diwali bonus! – One of the biggest advantages of being employed in India is all those festival bonuses propping up your bank account!
  • Festival food – Binge on all the delicacies the season brings with it as you go 0 – foodie in a matter of seconds!
  • Family reunions – Chacha, mama, kaka, kaki, whoever it may be, festivals bring families together for celebration, merry making and lots of mithai!
  • Discounts – That new TV you wanted, the new suit you were saving up for – all up for grabs at discounted prices through the festive season! Woohoo!
  • Gifting – Thanks to all the discounts flying around, it’s a good time to show that you’ve got deep pockets for your loved ones! Generosity always pays back!
  • Getting along with neighbours – Some of you may already have amazing neighbours, but for those who don’t, festival time is where neighbours score brownie points with you and vice-versa.

Now, if this doesn’t bring a smile on your face, you should have probably saved up your leaves for the festive season! 😀

Signing off, we would like to wish all our dear Chai lovers Season’s Greetings and we hope that this period brings you much joy and prosperity!

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Keep calm and Chai on!

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