Music For The Tea Time of the Soul

“Tea is to the body as music is to the soul.”
– Earlene Grey

We’ve been wanting to curate some music for our Chai Lovers for such a long time now and that time is finally here! Chai and music are so deeply interconnected, that they could be siblings, coming together to provide you with a holistic cleansing experience that’s nothing like anything you may or may not have felt before!

Through this read, we’re going to set you off on this journey of holistic healing and send you on a state of trance, as we curate a certain genre for you to kick back and enjoy your range of LLT’s with.

  • Assam Masala Tea & Bollywood Music – The burst of spices mixed with the flavour of Bollywood is a concoction that is bound to get you grooving to those dancy numbers. From remixes of old numbers like Khoya Khoya Chaand to chartbusters like Slow Motion, a cup of our Assam Masala Tea and Bollywood playing in the backdrop will get you going!
  • Premium Assam Tea & Classic Rock – The smoothness and class of our Premium Assam Tea are a hand-in-glove fit for belting out some classic rock numbers! From Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, from Guns N Roses to Metallica, relive the good old days as you crank up the volume while you tea your way to headbanging heaven!
  • Assam Green Tea & Classical Music – A soothing cup of our Assam Green Tea while some old greats like Beethoven & Mozart play in the background is personal therapy beyond what meets the eye! If you ever need to put the world on pause and go into a comfortable personal space, this combination will set the mood very well!
  • Nilgiri Orthodox Black Tea & Retro – The warm, therapeutic touch of our Nilgiri Black Tea paired with retro numbers , in any language, sets the tone for relxation and nostalgia. Be it Manna Dey or S Janaki, Bob Dylan or SP Balasubramaniam, there is little better than spending time remembering the good old days when things weren’t as hectic as they are.
  • Nilgiri Green Tea & Carnatic Music – At the end of a long day, a big cup of Nilgiri Green Tea with the soothing sounds ranging all the way from MS Subbulakshmi, M. Balamuralikrishna and KJ Yesudas to modern Carnatic pioneers like Agam and Bombay Jayashri, there is little that this combination cannot fix. So go rest those tired legs, put the kettle on and time travel to a place of rich culture and sound.

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As we conclude, we want you to know that we’ve tried our best to fit in as many vast genres of music as humanly possible and we’re even more keen to know what your favourite music and Chai combinations are and how you like to unwind with them!

Until we see you again with a glass full of Chai and music, keep calm and Chai on!

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