Sustainability, Through boxC

Coming off the back of Sustainability Day, it’s important to understand the magnitude of change that can be brought about by one small act of awareness and sensibility.

Continuing our efforts towards a sustainable planet, we’ve now replaced our extract jars made from plastic to re-cyclable metal jars. Not only does that help us reinforce our core beliefs and values but you can also kiss the microplastic menace goodbye!

Now, more than ever, our planet needs nurturing and repair for all the damage that the human race has been causing over millennia. To bring in change, starts with being the change.

Here’s three things you could do consciously that in time, would make a significant, positive impact on the planet.

  • Using biodegradable wares – Gatherings/parties in large numbers always require plates, glasses, cutlery etc that are almost always made of paper or cheap plastic. Substituting them with biodegradable wares such as bagasse ensures that even if your waste ends up at a landfill, it doesn’t corrode the Earth.
  • Segregating household waste – For a country with the magnitude of our current population, it gets difficult for municipal bodies to sort tonnes of waste once it leaves the source. A small effort to sort your wet and dry waste goes a long way in doing your bit for the environment.
  • Composting organic waste – If you maintain your own little garden in your house, composting organic waste such as fruit peels, egg shells, teabags, etc is an efficient way of not only providing excellent manure to your plants, but also ensures that you’re very mindful of sustainable living.

Through every touch point of our interaction, we aim to be a little more conscious and meaningful in our efforts to reduce the burden on Earth. We simply request that you join hands with us on this journey of togetherness and harmony.

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