Soupy Workplace Winters

With the onset of winters, the workplace seemingly throws up new challenges to keep your alertness on a high, in case you’re already reading this seated in front of the keyboard with your eyes partially closed. Yawning. Caffeine crashed.

Cold temperatures on the outside coupled with unmoderated AC blasts on the inside may cause you to dress up in your thermals like an eskimo would, while dosing up on some Chai or coffee in an unsuccessful attempt to boost your energy levels.

But hey, if you’ve got a boxC at your workplace, we’ve got an old remedy in our flavour to combat the chills and ills. Reaching you in just a moment, is our brand new range of soups in two classic options – the good ol’ Tomato and the trusty Sweet Corn.

Gather your soup bowls and give your regular workday rituals an interesting twist of the spoon. Try our classic Tomato and the all-season Sweet Corn soups today!

Tempted to get the boxC experience at your workplace? Log in to and give us a shout!

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